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Volume 1, Issue 3, December 2018

Problems Encountered By a Pre-School Teacher

Enzo Gomes Faria, Limoncho Tatoyoz, Muhammad Juman


In this paper we aim at understanding the various problems encountered by a preschool teacher. The purpose of this paper is to elaborate root problems which are faced by teachers of all spectrums in kindergarten schools. We will also discuss different scenarios these super humans encounter in their day to day routine. It is often thought that teaching kids is fun, which is not always true. The toddlers have sudden mood swings and this can be very irritating for teachers when they have to handle a big class full kids who can’t even handle themselves and find every solution in crying. Patience and engaging activities planned by teachers is the only way which helps them in class control. The other problems faced by them are related to curriculum planning, hectic paperwork, handling administration, working in alliance with parents, low pays, and most of all handling toddler’s behavior.

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