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Volume 1, Issue 2, September 2018

Tackling Noisy Students and the Mobile Phone Usage in the Classroom: A Disruptive Behaviour Case Study

Muhammad Adeel, Asghar Hussain


Disruptive behaviour is the most critical and persistent challenge a teacher faces throughout his career. Pedagogists term disruptive behaviour as the behaviour that stops the process of learning to take place. Disruptive behaviour has a catastrophically demoralising effect on the teachers. Study of the literature reveals that the instances of classroom disruptions date back to the 13th century Rome. An active research in this domain has enabled researchers to devise effective strategies to cope with disruptions of various natures. This case study analyses classroom disruptions caused by students indulged in making excessive noise, and use of mobile phones. We assess physical, emotional, and environmental factors behind these disruptions, and discuss strategies to effectively tackle them.

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